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Welcome to your "THRIVING" Life!

"The AARTT of Thriving, Becoming the Master of Your Life"©
8 Week Coaching Program

When you go through a traumatic experience, what is the first thing you wish would go away? Your Feelings!

You wish you didn't feel this Pain, Grief, Hurt.

We all wish we could just rush to the healing...

Unfortunately, you can't...

You have to feel the feelings, experience the stages...

Don't let it define who you are...

After that is when the true healing begins,  

When you take back control of your life. 

This is when you, 

Acknowledge what happened...

Accept it for what it is...

Release the unhealthy feelings around it...

Transform the way you look at it...

Thrive from the experience!

Every experience we have, be it good or bad, has a lesson to learn from it. 

It is a process of life that we have to go through!

Are you ready to find your smile?

Are you ready to stress and worry less?

Are you ready have a greater appreciation for life?

YES! Contact me for a strategy call to find out more about "The AARTT of Thriving Program"©!


The Sky is your Limit!  So You Want to "THRIVE" in Your Life... Who Wouldn't, Right!

Book Your Complimentary Strategy Call with me Today!

We will discuss what is holding you back from achieving all your potential and Living Your Best Life!  

Learn the techniques to help you Navigate Around the Obstacles with "The AARTT of Thriving©"



Melissa Peshka, owner of Essential Life Mastery Coaching & Healing,has The AARTT of Thriving, Becoming The Master of Your Life Program. This eight week program was transformational for me! She was so flexible. During our coaching sessions, she listened, provided insights, and reflected on what she heard. Then by doing the work between the coaching sessions, I was able to create real and lasting change within myself in a short amount of time. She is highly recommended! 

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